Okay, so I'm FRIGGIN' FINALLY getting around to transcribing my silly adventures to this site, but it sure is a big project (How many times can one say "I was late, I drank a lot, and I got stoopid"... creatively?!) By the way, above is an artist's rendition of what my whitewater rafting experience would be like if I could find some REAL rapids.

You heard right, a page with the whole shebang! Now fortified with Thanksgiving in Florida tales. DIG IT!

December 1999 ~ Holiday Road Tour

July 31, 1999 ~ Moby Show

October 17, 1997 ~ Attending the Chris Rock Show

And here's another bit...

Kurt Vonnegut Speech
So what if I wasn't personally at this speech by fellow Long Islander and author emeritus Kurt Vonnegut. It's pretty inspiring nonetheless. (AND I had this up on my site years before the "Sunscreen" song!!)